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Current Projects

Right now we've got 2 main projects in development.

Firstly is the final downloadable for Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, The Doll House.

This DLC is a direct sequel to Karamari Hospital and will finish up the story details for Spooky's. Set within a strange Doll House area, GL Labs were doing experiments with ghosts, trapping them into doll like bodies.

And the second main project is an unnamed spiritual successor to Midnight Mode from Lost in Vivo.

I've completely rewritten new systems and AI for a role playing first person adventure game taking inspiration from Dark Souls and Bloodborne, and focusing on dungeons much like the original Midnight Mode. It is still very early on, but I am really proud of the new systems that are being developed.

Neither of these projects yet have announced release dates, but I will post them once they are closer to release.

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